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    Enjoying Food is not like before with Qasar Al Baron
    Our Founder Chef Saher Hagar

    StoryBaron Empain Palace

    At the end of the nineteenth century, a large ship docked on the shore of the Suez Canal, on board of this ship was a Belgian millionaire named Edward Empain, he was given the title “Baron” by the king of France in recognition of his efforts in the establishment of Paris Metro, where he was an outstanding engineer. The Belgian millionaire fell in love with Egypt. He loved this country very much to the point of which few days after he had arrived to Cairo he decided to live there until he meets his faith and that’s when he decided to build the Baron Empain Palace.

    Discoverour Story

    Ultimate Food experience like no other
    Carrying on the great legacy of the legend Baron Empain and his astonishing palace, the restaurant Qasar Al baron took the story together with the architectural brilliance to make this beautiful story come to life with its marvelous looks based on the Baron Empain Palace itself with the flavor of the true Egyptian and International tastes all in one place.

    We serve you every day to conquer a service that would empress and comfort you, providing delicious and remarkable food and beverage to match our world class location and consistently providing our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity to our work having every customer who comes through our door greeted and acknowledged. Therefore, we would like to welcome you to The Baron Palace.

    EEEEChef Love

    Food is Love and Love is Food

    The chef’s love for food is the most passionate work of art, the food that is being served is the most finest, taking you all the way to the Baron Empain experience to see nothing less than a palace with its servants under your good and well service with the big love from the chef in each and every single plate.

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